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icon_fair's Journal

Icon Art Fair
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Welcome to the Icon Art Fair, which is maintained by the icon_fairy. icon_fair is for displaying icons, making icon requests, and icon contests. Posting of Colorbars, friends only banners, and other graphics is also allowed.

If you'd like join and stay in this community you must follow the rules of the community.
  • You must credit someone who asks for credit, if you don't want to credit don't use their icons. How to Credit
  • Use proper judgement on lj-cut, if you have large graphics or more than three icons in a post lj-cut it.
  • For icons, use the proper LJ sizes of 100x100 or less and 40k or less.
  • Use proper grammar, seeing as on Livejournal you need to be over thirteen to join, you should all know how to type properly.
  • Do not claim that someone elses work is your own.
  • Place all requests under an Lj-cut.
  • This is not an advertising community so do not spam it with advertisement. Afiliates are welcome, contact the icon_fairy for more info on that if you want free advertising for your iconjournal or community.
  • Less pop music people icons the better.




    Want to be an afiliate? Contact the icon_fairy!